RH-MESH - Robert Hoehndorf Version of MeSH

Medical Subjects Headings Thesaurus 2014, Modified version. This is an OWL representation of MeSH so that it can be integrated with other ontologies represented in OWL. It contains all terms that are in MeSH and in the MeSH concept tree, including the pharmacological actions (represented as subclass relations). Concepts in the MeSH concept tree are merged with MeSH term ids. <p><p> -------------------------- <p> Note that, while this ontology is composed of MeSH terms, it does not correspond directly to UMLS MeSH. In particular, a single term in UMLS MeSH often results in multiple classes in this ontology. For example, in MeSH there is a single term with the label "Heart". The internal code (unique identifier) for this term is A07.541. In this ontology there are two entirely different terms, both of which have the label "Heart". The codes for these terms are A07.541 and D006321.

Ontology metadata

Topicspharmacology, data integration and warehousing, pathology, physiology, systems medicine, psychiatry
SpeciesAll life
Class Count305349
Unsatisfiable classes0
Date Download
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